Delete temp files and get storage space on phone – Ask the Geeks

Running out of storage space? Memory is a precious commodity, especially in budget phones. And we constantly clutter up our storage with WhatsApp based media. Google Files Go is an app made just to solve this problem. It provides a simple interface to clear and delete temp files and get more storage memory on your […]

TrackR Thanks for the Free Battery!

The Trackr Bravo is a bluetooth GPS tracker, which helps you find lost/misplaced items, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and is setup via the TrackR app, Thanks TrackR for the free battery. #TrackR #freebattery #trackrfreebattery #CR1620 If you haven’t seen it before here’s the TrackR Bravo review:

Prestige PPBB-02 Grill Master 5000 Unboxing and Assembly

As part of our talking Stuff home series, we look at one of the most popular barbeque grills in India – Prestige’s Grill Master 5000, sold on Amazon as the Prestige PPBB-02 Coal Barbeque Grill. This is an ‘Amazon Choice’ which means they recommend it and it usually ships very fast.

Why not to purchase the iPhone X!!

  The new iPhone is out, the iPhone 10, and with its release has tons of new improvements also coming along. So should you purchase an iPhone 10, lets find out why not to.   So why am I advocating not to purchase an iPhone?   The iPhone is not a bad product at all, […]

Hardoll 54 LED Solar Light

We had just done up the garden, and I wanted to install garden lights. I was not interested in pulling new wiring along the wall to power the lights, so looked around for LED Solar Lights, which were becoming more common. During my search, I found the Hardoll 54 LED Solar Light. The reviews looked […]

Sound Blaster XFI Suround 5.1 Pro

Most laptops have only a 3.5 mm stereo line out, which only supports 2.1 sound. If you want to watch movies in 5.1 surround sound, we will need to upgrade the integrated audio. So how do we do that on something that’s not upgradeable? Let’s find out how.   To remedy the poor quality of […]

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