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talking Stuff is your podcast network . Our mission is to create content – audio, video, or text, on things that YOU are passionate about. We begin with technology – we have videos, blogs and a podcast that inform you of tech and help you take intelligent buying decision and make the most of your existing technology investments.

The talkingTech podcast is a weekly audio show for the person who isn’t a tech. enthusiast, someone who wants to know how the tech she has invested in can help her focus on what’s important – life. talkingTech minis are bite sized videos that inform you about various things tech without taking up too much of your time. Our blog posts are for the person who wants details – we have detailed reviews, articles, and interesting posts.

We are working hard (okay, not really) to get you more shows on topics that you care about, in a language that speaks to  you. In the meantime, please stay in touch with us – listen or watch to talking Tech and keep tabs on us on Facebook  and YouTube.

If you have any tech query, feedback or just want to say hi, drop as a line at tech@talkingstuff.net.

Cheers and let’s keep talking

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