Dji Osmo Pocket Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

I was about to take a vacation to the US and not wanting to lug around my DLSR and its assortment of lenses. I needed something with great video and photo quality and also be small enough to carry anywhere. So, in this video we review the DJi OSMO pocket a pocket sized “gimbal” with […]

Beat Saber Review – Welcome young Padawan

 Beat Saber Review – Welcome young padawan There was a time, not too long ago, when we had a lot of rhythm-based games release, such as Dance-Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. These games required you to mash buttons on your controllers, in rhythm to the music and you also needed to hit […]

Bayer Contour Plus one

Want a smart glucose monitoring system? This sleek little, affordable and easy to use device may be what you’re looking for. Today we’re unboxing the Contour Plus one, a smart glucometer by Bayer, smart being it has an app it syncs to using an android or iOS app. So, this is what’s in the box, […]

SleepyCat Mattress

Shopping for a mattress can be tricky, almost to the same level as suggesting or purchasing a laptop. You can buy one only once (which will stay with you for a couple of years) so making the right choice is even more important. Finally, I picked up the Sleepycat mattress. So this is the box […]

Retro FC 168 in 1 Handheld gaming console

So today we’re unboxing something super nostalgic, a pocket friendly gameboyesqe portable gaming system. So let’s get unboxing shall we. This portable gaming system brings back memories from my childhood of hours wasted *cough* spent in front of the TV gaming. Removing the outer shipping cover we reach the box of the portable console, named […]

HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System

Ohh boy, We have something really special today! In an earlier video, we spoke about all types of VR options earlier (you can check the video in the link above) – most of them used your phone to provide basic virtual reality. But what we are about to unbox today is the ‘baap of VR […]

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