tp-link AC1750 Archer C7 Review

My wifi router wasn’t able to keep up with the number of devices connected to it, that being i was adding more and more smart devices to my house. So i decided to update it to something more powerful, and also provide gigabit ethernet ports,as a few of my devices like the WD MyCloud would […]

redmi note 4

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Hands On Review (India)

The phone i’am unboxing today is the Redmi Note 4, this is Xiaomi’s latest offering in the note series. It’s predecessor the Redmi note 3 was quite a capable phone, so let’s see if this one manages to hold it’s own against other phones in its class. The box design is nice and premium, for […]

How To Build your own HTPC

How To Build a HTPC (Home Theater PC): Today we build a computer, using the Intel Core i7 7700 CPU. Building your own system, gives you the freedom to choose parts you would need, as per your requirements. The ability to upgrade in the future also opens up, if you choose the right motherboard. Thanks […]

Unity Game Engine – A Quick Look

We’re going to take a look at Unity, which is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) / game engine which lowers the game programming learning curve quite a lot, so that almost anyone can get into game programming. Watch the video to find out how. Unity Game Engine: Today we’re going to talk about unity, which […]

Asus ROG G751 : A Quick Review

Asus ROG G751 : A Quick Review We had quite a few messages come in asking us the configuration of the computer we edit the show on. Well i dont use a desktop per se, but what i do use comes into the mobile desktop category. The Laptop I use is the Asus ROG G751 […]

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