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What’s up geeks!!! #74 – You’ve been hacked

 Vinayak and Vikram tell you that you’re the victim of a huge email hack, the OnePlus 7 rumors, and the final verdict on pixel 3. Awesome app picks as always. Head over to https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to know if you have been hacked. Geek v Geek

Attention Pliss! podcast #3&4 – Buy 1 Get 1 Free

In this mega episode to celebrate the RTDM blog’s birthday – we have a Q&A with Arnab as he answers all your questions. Of course, we have the whatSong? contest too. This actually happened! We bid farewell to AB Vajyapee and discuss Ashutosh’s farewell to AAP. whatSong? – Last week’s answer was – Feature: #AskArnab […]

Blockchain 101

Blockchain The word is being thrown around, almost everywhere as the new in-thing in technology. But have you ever wondered, what is blockchain?   Well watch this video to get a quick overview.   So starting off, how is blockchain different from standard data management. Blockchain was originally described by a group of researchers, who […]

blue yeti

Blue Yeti Unboxing and Quick Review – Still #1

Blue Yeti Microphone I have before me the Blue Yeti microphone, which for years has been referred to as the best USB microphone, and you might have noticed it on various YouTube/vlog channels. Most who start out generally get themselves a USB mic and mostly a Blue Yeti, that is until they upgrade to a […]

usea a xbox-360 controller on your pc

Ask the Geeks – Connect Xbox 360 controller to your PC

I received an email today, from Himanshu Gosar, who asks can i connect the xbox 360 wireless controler with my PC. I don’t play much on my xbox 360, but the controller is still a good one, and games on the PC are much cheaper. How can i use it? Wired Xbox 360 controllers are […]

redmi note 4

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Hands On Review (India)

The phone i’am unboxing today is the Redmi Note 4, this is Xiaomi’s latest offering in the note series. It’s predecessor the Redmi note 3 was quite a capable phone, so let’s see if this one manages to hold it’s own against other phones in its class. The box design is nice and premium, for […]

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