Sound Blaster XFI Suround 5.1 Pro

Most laptops have only a 3.5 mm stereo line out, which only supports 2.1 sound. If you want to watch movies in 5.1 surround sound, we will need to upgrade the integrated audio. So how do we do that on something that’s not upgradeable? Let’s find out how.   To remedy the poor quality of […]

Boost Your PC: Install an SSD

  PC’s as they get older, get more sluggish and with newer operating systems and applications might get to a point where it needs some rejuvenation. So lets Boost our PC by installing an SSD. I purchased this system in 2007, and being 10 years old is starting to show it’s age. When I purchased […]

Unity Game Engine – A Quick Look

We’re going to take a look at Unity, which is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) / game engine which lowers the game programming learning curve quite a lot, so that almost anyone can get into game programming. Watch the video to find out how. Unity Game Engine: Today we’re going to talk about unity, which […]

Asus ROG G751 : A Quick Review

Asus ROG G751 : A Quick Review We had quite a few messages come in asking us the configuration of the computer we edit the show on. Well i dont use a desktop per se, but what i do use comes into the mobile desktop category. The Laptop I use is the Asus ROG G751 […]