Beat Saber Review – Welcome young Padawan

 Beat Saber Review – Welcome young padawan There was a time, not too long ago, when we had a lot of rhythm-based games release, such as Dance-Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. These games required you to mash buttons on your controllers, in rhythm to the music and you also needed to hit […]

HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System

Ohh boy, We have something really special today! In an earlier video, we spoke about all types of VR options earlier (you can check the video in the link above) – most of them used your phone to provide basic virtual reality. But what we are about to unbox today is the ‘baap of VR […]

Attention Pliss! podcast #2 – Your privilege is bigger

In this episode of Attention Pliss! podcast, Arnab looks at some news that caught his eye, Privilege and courage, and gives you some entertainment recommendations. This actually happened! Kejriwal goes ‘Ai ganpat chal daru la’ NDTV sting The ongoing test series IKEA opens in Hyderabad whatSong? contest The song from previous contest was Winner: GSR […]

Google changes gears on its India mission

Google changes gears on its India mission Google has always been aggressive with rolling out its products in India – probably influenced by the fact that the CEO and many of the product heads are Indian. So it has been kind of disappointing that many of its hardware products like the Google Home, Chromebooks, and […]

Home Assistant 101

Home Assistant 101 | Smart Home Automation – HassIO | Home Assistant Setup Learn how to install Home Assistant an open source application, that allows you to automate your home. In this video, we install Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi, and learn to add smart bulbs and switch’s to it. Home Assistant Website: […]

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