The talkingTech podcast e63: OnePlus steals the show

Broken News: OnePlus has lots of good news for its customers, Google probably doesn’t for Pixel 3 buyers, and WhatsApp has one more feature. Feature: Once upon a tech App Picks Vikram’s pick: Dancing Line Vinayak’s pick: Adobe Spark

HP Envy Laptop thumbnail

HP Envy

I wanted a thin and light laptop, something i can carry around easily and can  be stuffed into a backpack. There’s quite a big lot of options for thin and light laptops, so choosing one is really a huge undertaking. A few Rs 500 or 1000 up or down changes the configuration of the laptop […]

usea a xbox-360 controller on your pc

Ask the Geeks – Connect Xbox 360 controller to your PC

I received an email today, from Himanshu Gosar, who asks can i connect the xbox 360 wireless controler with my PC. I don’t play much on my xbox 360, but the controller is still a good one, and games on the PC are much cheaper. How can i use it? Wired Xbox 360 controllers are […]

talkingTech E06 – Take Control

Show date: August 21 2016 Hosts: Vinayak Nair, Vikram Mohan Original talking Tech theme by Srikanth Devarajan of Studio1234 Broken News Google releases Duo – their 1-1 mobile video chatting app MIT division develops ways to double battery capacity – hopefully you can keep your charger at home soon. Windows 10 Anniversary update breaks people’s webcam – […]

WhatsApp chat