The talking Tech podcast e53: Break ke baad

We apologize for the poor audio quality in this episode. The content though is fun as always. 🙂 Broken News OnePlus Credit card hack OnePlus 6 in May/June. iPhone X sales not up to expectations Samsung GAlaxy S9 – announcement in Feb 25th Snapdragon 845 Dual aperture camera Meanwhile LG says it will be slowing […]

usea a xbox-360 controller on your pc

Ask the Geeks – Connect Xbox 360 controller to your PC

I received an email today, from Himanshu Gosar, who asks can i connect the xbox 360 wireless controler with my PC. I don’t play much on my xbox 360, but the controller is still a good one, and games on the PC are much cheaper. How can i use it? Wired Xbox 360 controllers are […]

talkingTech E30: Talk to the phone

Note: We do not have the complete video podcast available. Videos of Broken News, Feature Story, and App Picks will be up separately in a few days. Broken News Windows 10 Creator’s Update set to release soon Microsoft announces souped up XBox One – called Project Scorpio Google launches Play Music Unlimited subscription service in […]

talkingTech E05: We work for tips

Show date: August 14 2016 Hosts: Vinayak Nair, Vikram Mohan Original talking Tech theme by Srikanth Devarajan of Studio1234   tech News Windows 10 Anniversary Update rolls out Microsoft releases slimmer version X Box One console called X Box One S Ringing Bells (of Freedom 251 infamy) claims they will release a sub 10k 32 inch HDTV […]

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