The talkingTech podcast e63: OnePlus steals the show

Broken News: OnePlus has lots of good news for its customers, Google probably doesn’t for Pixel 3 buyers, and WhatsApp has one more feature. Feature: Once upon a tech App Picks Vikram’s pick: Dancing Line Vinayak’s pick: Adobe Spark

talkingTech E11: talkingGoogle pretty much

Show date: 9 Oct 2016 Hosts: Vikram Mohan Guest: Rangan Gurukrishnan Video coming soon. Broken News: Google announces Pixel, Pixel XL, Google home, ChromeCast Ultra, and Google Wifi (phew!) In a Google India event, they  announced Allo smart replies in Hindi, YouTube Go, and WiFi for railway stations Amazon Prime video could be coming soon – with an […]

talkingTech E07 – Whats up WhatApp?

Show date: August 28 2016 Hosts: Vinayak Nair, Vikram Mohan Broken News: Google releases Android 7.0 Nougat – But where are the Nexus phones? WhatApp wants to share your phone number with Facebook. And you really don’t have a choice. Reliance continues to ‘unofficially’ roll out Jio network Shootout: Your choices for making your ‘dumb […]

Talking Tech E02 – VR Everywhere

Show date: 24th July 2016 Hosts: Vikram Mohan, Vinayak Nair Sponsors: We thank for providing CyberFuture – the opening theme. News Pokemon Go blanks out in India A future where your phone screen might not crack iPhone no more king of the phones? The old VCR says good bye We feature Gadgets to gifts to someone […]

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