The talkingTech podcast #67 – One camera is plenty

Broken News – Vinayak and Vikram discuss Microsoft’s new My Mobile App, Facebook 3D photos, Samsung A9 and more Feature: Google Hardware Event 2018 App Picks Vinayak’s pick – All Call Recorder Vikram’s pick – Purchased Apps

The talkingTech Podcase e62: Airing of grievances

Broken News – OnePlus makes Vikram happy, Amazon Prime has a ‘chota pack’, Note 9 on the horizon, SMS on your browser Feature – Vinayak and Vikram talk about their most disappointing gadget App Picks Vinayak’s Pick Vikram’s Pick

The talkingTech podcast e59:

Broken News Windows 10 Update, new Gmail, Echo Spot, and more Feature: Tech for your car – we discuss OBD2 and tyre pressure monitors App Picks Vinayak’s Pick Vikram’s pick Don’t F*** with paste (Chrome extension)

Brydge 12.3 Keyboard for Surface Pro

Today i’m unboxing the Brydge 12.3, a Bluetooth keyboard, made specially for the Microsoft Surface pro. This model is compatible with the surface pro 3 and the pro 4. My Type cover stopped working, and not being sure if it’s due to the connectors on the cover or on the Surface pro. So taking no […]

usea a xbox-360 controller on your pc

Ask the Geeks – Connect Xbox 360 controller to your PC

I received an email today, from Himanshu Gosar, who asks can i connect the xbox 360 wireless controler with my PC. I don’t play much on my xbox 360, but the controller is still a good one, and games on the PC are much cheaper. How can i use it? Wired Xbox 360 controllers are […]

The talkingTech podcast e46: Groupon for getting drunk

Broken News OnePlus caught stealing user data Xiaomi launches Mi Mix 2 in India   Microsoft launches Edge preview for Android Samsung CEO resigns  Feature: What Tech? – We help our listeners with selecting the right phone App Picks Vinayak’s pick – Google’s Science Journal   Vikram’s Pick – Get Tipsy  

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