talkingTech podcast episode 68 - iPad One S

The talkingTech podcast #68 – iPad One S

Broken News – Google’s Pixel woes, OnePlus 6t is served, some cool new WhatsApp features, and more Feature story –  We discuss Apple’s iPad event  where they unveiled new iPad Pro, Macbook Air, and Mac Mini. App Picks Vikram’s Pick – Florence Vinayak’s Pick – Alto’s Odyssey

The talkingTech podcast e63: OnePlus steals the show

Broken News: OnePlus has lots of good news for its customers, Google probably doesn’t for Pixel 3 buyers, and WhatsApp has one more feature. Feature: Once upon a tech App Picks Vikram’s pick: Dancing Line Vinayak’s pick: Adobe Spark

The talking Tech podcast e55: Android Peda

Soundcloud link   Broken News – We discuss Android P, Alexa’s creepy laugh, and more Feature – Rant corner: Why do Android phone makers blindly copy Apple’s mistakes too Picks Vinayak’s Pick Vikram’s Pick for old DOS games

Unity Game Engine – A Quick Look

We’re going to take a look at Unity, which is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) / game engine which lowers the game programming learning curve quite a lot, so that almost anyone can get into game programming. Watch the video to find out how. Unity Game Engine: Today we’re going to talk about unity, which […]

talkingTech E36: Puzzler

Broken News Facebook rolling out profile picture guard in India – mobile only OnePlus 5 officially releases to good reviews – Invites are back again OnePlus also caught cheating on benchmarks Minor leaks about iPhone and Pixel begin – but nothing credible SwiftKey rolls out transliteration for Tamil. Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Oriya, Marathi, Punjabi and […]

talkingTech E33: Google Santa

Broken News (Google IO special) Google had its annual developer conference IO last week. Google usually make lots of announcements and shows off its new tech here. Photos Photos to get proactive sharing AI to remove photobombs, and things in the way Android O Android O beta – nexus 5x, 6p, pixel Notification Dots Smart […]

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