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Dyson V8 Absolute+ Review

Do you feel your Vacuum is not powerful enough, and the wire is such a hassle as it tethers you to a wall. It needn’t anymore, let’s check this out. If you needed an excuse to start cleaning your rooms, maybe get one of these, the Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. This is the absolute […]

Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Smart Light

So today we’re unboxing the Nanoleaf Aurora light panels. These light panels are growing in popularity, and a lot of youtubers seem to have them in the background. So what’s their main purpose? So in the box, we get nine individual triangular panels. I bought them off Amazon India, and i’ve been waiting to buy […]

Blockchain 101

Blockchain The word is being thrown around, almost everywhere as the new in-thing in technology. But have you ever wondered, what is blockchain?   Well watch this video to get a quick overview.   So starting off, how is blockchain different from standard data management. Blockchain was originally described by a group of researchers, who […]

TrackR Thanks for the Free Battery!

The Trackr Bravo is a bluetooth GPS tracker, which helps you find lost/misplaced items, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and is setup via the TrackR app, Thanks TrackR for the free battery. #TrackR #freebattery #trackrfreebattery #CR1620 If you haven’t seen it before here’s the TrackR Bravo review:

Case Logic SLRC-206 : A Quick Review

  For DSLR camera bags, Case Logic is generally not the first name that comes to mind. But when I saw one online, I really loved it. So, let’s find out what I really liked about it. I wanted a camera bag that was great ergonomically and had enough space for all the stuff that […]

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