Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Smart Light

So today we’re unboxing the Nanoleaf Aurora light panels. These light panels are growing in popularity, and a lot of youtubers seem to have them in the background. So what’s their main purpose? So in the box, we get nine individual triangular panels. I bought them off Amazon India, and i’ve been waiting to buy […]

Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW Smart LED light

  I had reviewed Smart LED bulbs earlier, like the SYSKA LED smart bulb. That bulb pair Bluetooth, so what’s so special about the Yeelight. The Yeelight connects via WiFi, so it’s always connected to your router and is accessible via the app, and does not disconnect as frequently as the Bluetooth lights.  I bought […]

syska led emergency light

Syska Rechargeable LED Emergency Bulb

So today, i’am unboxing the syska Rechargeable Emergency bulb. This bulb has an internal battery, which can power it, whenever there’s a power outage. It fits into a standard b22 socket, and charges whenever it is switched on. It is recommended to charge the bulb for 8-10 hours before initial use. Most of my house […]

The talkingTech podcast e44: All about Apple

Broken News iPhone 8 and 8+ launch – to crickets chirping But silver lining – the iPhone 8 camera beats Pixel to the crown. cCleaner bundles in malware Bixby voice now available for India Tata adopts Android Auto Once Upon a Tech From the first Android phone to Steve Jobs’ incredible comeback App Picks Vinayak’s […]

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