OnePlus features you probably didn’t know about

OnePlus is one of the most popular mobile phone brands in India. Starting with the now iconic OnePlus (which my dad still uses), to the most recent OnePlus 5t and the upcoming OnePlus 6, they have rarely had a misstep (barring the forgettable OnePlus 2, and OnePlus X). The secret to OnePlus’ success has not […]

Logitech g213 prodigy gaming keyboard stand

The logitech g213 Prodigy

Today we’re reviewing the Logitech g213 Prodigy Keyboard. The keyboard is made of a matte black plastic, unlike aluminium on most premium gaming keyboards. This is because the prodigy g213 is a casual gaming keyboard. It costs Rs 4995 but on offer is available for Rs 3494, as of the release date of this video. […]

Google changes gears on its India mission

Google changes gears on its India mission Google has always been aggressive with rolling out its products in India – probably influenced by the fact that the CEO and many of the product heads are Indian. So it has been kind of disappointing that many of its hardware products like the Google Home, Chromebooks, and […]

DBrand Grip Case – First Impressions

 Today we’re unboxing the DBrand Grip case I ordered for the Galaxy S8+. DBrand generally makes skins, and this is something new, and is not available normally as they had a campaign running on Indiegogo, where you could back it. I backed the campaign in November 2017 and had to wait for it to […]

BOSE Soundlink Color Bluetooth II

Today we’re unboxing the BOSEsoundlink color 2, a budget friendly option from BOSE, if you call Rs 11,500 budget friendly, currently at Rs 9200 on both and So is it worthy of the Bose name, let’s find out. In the box once open, we find the speaker, under a protective foam pad, also […]

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Unboxing and Setup!

Being Unboxed today is the Galaxy S9+ , the new larger variant of Samsung’s latest flagship. It has design cues from the s8+ before it, with major tweaks to its internals, and design changes on the  outside too. On the box the MRP is printed a 70,000 but i bought it for 64,900. Getting the […]

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