back to basics

Back to BASICs

This post is about the computer language that got me started with programming. It’s name was BASIC (an acronym that stood for Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). This was a very simple language that was designed to get novices programming with minimum effort. If you could list out the steps involved in doing a particular […]

The summer of Spectrum

In the summer of 1987, me and my brother were at our Grandma’s place in Chennai for our vacation. This year ended up being quite different from all the previous years because it gave us our first encounter with a computer. This summer experience planted the seeds of our interest in computing which continues to […]

Circle Gaming Chair

The new addition to my home studio is the Circle gaming chair, and the model i’ve chosen is the CH80. The chair is priced at Rs 24,990, but using the number provided in the description you can get the same for around Rs 19,500. There are also other models available so check out to […]

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier- Review

Most people would say smartwatches are not the in thing anymore, but looking at how apple still has it’s wearable, this didn’t stop samsung from making its own premium wearable. The Gear S3 is available in two models, the Frontier and the Classic. I’ll be reviewing the Frontier edition, which is a big watch, and […]

The Smartphone Toolkit

The Smartphone Toolkit   Our smartphones are…incredibly smart. But they have been with us for years now and so it’s a little difficult to be wowed by them anymore. We take these pocket supercomputers for granted – and just whine when they take that extra second to magically summon information (or kitten videos) from the […]

Measure anywhere…mostly

The latest duelling ground between Apple and Google is in the realms of Augmented Reality. Apple with its ARKit is ahead of Google’s ARCore at the moment (did both companies have a secret meeting and decide to forego the space after ‘AR’?) evidenced by their demonstrations during this year and last year’s Apple World Wide […]

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