Why not to purchase the iPhone X!!

  The new iPhone is out, the iPhone 10, and with its release has tons of new improvements also coming along. So should you purchase an iPhone 10, lets find out why not to.   So why am I advocating not to purchase an iPhone?   The iPhone is not a bad product at all, […]

Apple at the cross roads

The iconic keynote when Steve Jobs unveiled the ‘3-in-1’ device – the iPhone to us was 10 years ago. Steve was prone to hyperbole, but when he said that the iPhone unveiling was a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of deal, it was truer than we anticipated at that moment. The smartphone as we come […]

talkingTech News Dash

Google has released a new Backup and Sync app for Windows – This will let you automatically backup and sync your folders to your Google Drive. Remember that they offer unlimited storage for photos in standard resolution.  If you have unused storage space, might be a good idea to backup your documents online. In the […]

Google Photos Shared Libraries rolling out now

Last month during its annual developer event Google IO,  the company had unveiled a slew of new features across its entire range of services (We discussed them on talkingTech.) One of the most anticipated ones was suggested photo sharing and shared libraries. The premise for this feature was very real. All of us take many […]

Samsung Galaxy S8+: One Week Later

One Week Later: Ok, I have now been using the phone for around a week or a bit more. I feel that everyone might want to know exactly how the Galaxy S8+ handles day to day tasks, and importantly if it is worth your hard earned moolah? Samsung’s new design is incredible, and manufacturers are moving from […]

Ongoing Review: Samsung Galaxy S8+

First Impressions Well as per my previous blog post, I was not in the market for a new phone. But as spiritual forces acting in my favour (I think), I dropped my Galaxy S6 edge plus, onto the stone paved floor in a temple. The edge sustained the major brunt of the fall, with lines […]

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