SleepyCat Mattress

Shopping for a mattress can be tricky, almost to the same level as suggesting or purchasing a laptop. You can buy one only once (which will stay with you for a couple of years) so making the right choice is even more important.

Finally, I picked up the Sleepycat mattress.

So this is the box the mattress comes packed in, it’s quite surprising that such a big mattress can fit inside such a small box.

Let’s open it up.

The mattress can be ordered online via amazon or the website.

Sleepycat intends to cut out all the middlemen that increase the price of the mattress, so it is supposed to be much cheaper than traditional mattresses.

They ship on order directly from the factory.

The size of this mattress is 78x48x6 inches

Inside the box we have the mattress in a brown paper package.

Now that I have got the outer packaging off, we have the vacuum-packed mattress.

The vacuum packing makes the mattress small enough to ease shipping. The mattress being memory foam is also not that heavy.

As soon as I got air into the plastic packing, the mattress starts to expand to its original size. It’s still hard to believe, this mattress was within that small box. The mattress would take 48 hours to expand to it’s complete size, but in a few minutes you can already see it take form.

The mattress is 6 inches in height, which is 1 inch of gel-memory foam and a 5 inch durable high density base foam to provide both support and bounce.

We have instructions which is the last thing we read after everything is opened up. Within we have stickers and a handwritten note.

The embroidered Sleepycat logo looks really nice, the company is named Sleepycat, as cats sleep 20 hours a day,

There’s also a zipper, to remove the outer cover. The cover can be washed and replaced, so the mattress inside doesn’t get dirty.

Couldn’t get a model so you’ll have to settle for me.

The mattress is soft and also firm enough giving us ample support. The top cover is gsm knitted fabric with tiny holes making it soft and also breathable.

Sleepycat provides a 30 night risk free trial, if you don’t like it you can send it back. Not sure how that process is, but I like mine, so it’s not going anywhere.

Sleepycat donates one mattress for every 10 sold to homeless shelters

So that was the Sleepycat mattress.

The mattress coming in a small box, can be handled by a single person instead of having a small army carry it. If you live in an apartment, the small box is easier to take up in an elevator too instead of having to lug around a big mattress up the stairs.

The SleepyCat mattress is quite comfy and supportive, I liked mine and with a 10 year warranty, and  the 30 night risk free trial removes any “risk” of not being able to return it.

So that’s it from me, thank you for watching, and see you all next time.


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