Hardoll 54 LED Solar Light

We had just done up the garden, and I wanted to install garden lights. I was not interested in pulling new wiring along the wall to power the lights, so looked around for LED Solar Lights, which were becoming more common.

During my search, I found the Hardoll 54 LED Solar Light. The reviews looked good, so placed an order for two.

The unit is made of plastic, and looks solid enough for the price. A solar panel is found above to enable recharging. The light is waterproof grade IP65, and can be installed outside with no fear of it being damaged in the rain.

It comes with a 120 degree wide angle sensor , which can detect movement from 10-26 feet.

The unit has 54 LED’s , which provides excellent illumination.

The device runs in three modes:

Medium Mode: The device stays off during the day, and keeps charging. When it starts to get dark, or dark enough it will automatically turn on, and stay on as long as it’s dark. The lighting time is estimated to be 4-6 hours on full charge.

Dim light mode: This is the mode I use, it charges during the day, and in the evening when the light is low, a line of only 24 LED’s light up. This is the Dim mode. When the device detects motion, all 54 LED’s are activated and stays on for 17-20 seconds. When no motion is detected It switches back to dim mode.

Sensor mode: This is similar to the Dim mode except that the light stays off, that is until the motion sensor is triggered, turning the light on. It stays on for 17-20 seconds and turns off completely, until motion is detected.

So if you want to setup lights and don’t want to run wires on your walls, the Hardoll LED Solar light is a good choice.

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