The logitech g213 Prodigy

Today we’re reviewing the Logitech g213 Prodigy Keyboard. The keyboard is made of a matte black plastic, unlike aluminium on most premium gaming keyboards.

This is because the prodigy g213 is a casual gaming keyboard.

It costs Rs 4995 but on offer is available for Rs 3494, as of the release date of this video.

The front wrist rest is not removable, but is ergonomic to use even when placed on my lap.

Under the keyboard are rubberized pads next to the flip out  feet , and a rubberized strip running all the way across the bottom, this helps keep the keyboard in place, when placed on a table.

Two flip out feet help prop up the keyboard at an angle, for easy typing.

The keyboard is spill resistant to upto 60 ml , but i couldn’t find any drain holes on the bottom. The keyboard has a 2 ms response time, and is said to be 4 times faster than standard keyboards.

There are buttons on top, one enabling/disabling game mode, another to turn off the LED’s completely. Above the numpad are media keys, such as mute, volume control, play/pause, stop and previous and next buttons.  The navigation keys need the appropriate application open, such as a media player to function.

Now for the star of the show, the backlighting

The backlight is subtle but bright enough to be visible. In the dark it becomes even more prominent. I just needed to be able to find the keys in the dark while using the keyboard with a projector, so these were just as i wanted them.

A software is downloadable off the logitech website, which allows to set up macro’s on the F1 to f12 keys, and the ability to change the color of the LEDs. But you can’t change colors per key, but only by sections. Let’s go through the options present.

First option we can have a fixed color, choose any color from the color wheel and it is set on the keyboard

Second is the breathing effect where a single color fades in and out, we can change the speed between the fade effect via the slider below

Third is the color cycle, where it cycles randomly between colors, the entire keyboard fades between a single color. We can change the cycle speed cia the slider below

Fourth is the color wave, where each section is a certain color and it keeps shifting to the next section like a wave. The speed of the wave effect and directions is controllable via the sliders below.

If you didn’t like any of them you can shift to freestyle mode, and change the color of each section as you like it. There are 5 sections, each can be set a color.

We can also set other commands on the function keys, these will kelp run commands in games, and the settings can be saved as a profile.

We can disable keys so that we dont hit them by mistake, like the windows key etc. Also we can get a heatmap report, which would show us which keys we use the most.

These options make the keyboard quite customizable.

The keyboard is not a mechanical keyboard sadly, but a membrane keyboard that uses Logitech’s proprietary Mech dome keys, which are full height and deliver 4mm of travel distance. This makes it quite comfortable to type on and mimics the feel of a mechanical keyboard.


Coming from the Microsoft Arc keyboard, this did take a while to get used to, but once i got used to layout i was back to typing at full speed.

The keyboard works well, and  is easy to type on, without having to put too much pressure on the keys. Its pretty accurate and good for the casual gamer, but as i’m using this for editing, i just needed it to detect the shortcut pressed so that the appropriate tool is activated within the program.  There is no USB pass through port, but its not a deal breaker, as i’m already using a USB hub sitting 8-10 feet away from the pc.

The arc keyboard not being backlit, i couldn’t gauge key position, once the keyboard moved. The G213 prodigy on the other hand being backlit, the keys are visible quite clearly.

Mechanical keyboards are very expensive, especially in india, so if you are not a professional gamer, or don’t want to invest in a mechanical keyboard, this one is  good for both productivity work and casual gaming. It’s functional and attractive, and offers a number of features you wouldn’t find on a standard office keyboard.

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