The talking Tech podcast e53: Break ke baad

We apologize for the poor audio quality in this episode. The content though is fun as always. 🙂 Broken News OnePlus Credit card hack OnePlus 6 in May/June. iPhone X sales not up to expectations Samsung GAlaxy S9 – announcement in Feb 25th Snapdragon 845 Dual aperture camera Meanwhile LG says it will be slowing […]

The talkingTech podcast e47: RIP Kinect

Broken News WhatsApp rolls out live location sharing to all Deleting sent messages rolling out now Google rolls out Android 8.1 Developer Preview – but let’s ignore it for now Microsoft ends production of Xbox Kinect Apple has said that iPhone X Facial recognition might not be very accurate India is now the 2nd largest […]

Why not to purchase the iPhone X!!

  The new iPhone is out, the iPhone 10, and with its release has tons of new improvements also coming along. So should you purchase an iPhone 10, lets find out why not to.   So why am I advocating not to purchase an iPhone?   The iPhone is not a bad product at all, […]

The talkingTech podcast e43: The innovation connundrum

Broken News Apple announces lots of devices – people remember only the iPhone X Google might launch the next Pixel on October 4th Google also launches Tez – a UPI based payments app for India Feature: Is smartphone innovation slowing down – a discussion App Picks Vikram’s pick: OTP head Vinayak’s pick: Flipboard  

Apple at the cross roads

The iconic keynote when Steve Jobs unveiled the ‘3-in-1’ device – the iPhone to us was 10 years ago. Steve was prone to hyperbole, but when he said that the iPhone unveiling was a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of deal, it was truer than we anticipated at that moment. The smartphone as we come […]

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