YouTube Demonetization 2018 India | Adsense Policy Change 2018

YouTube is a dream for most, get famous and make lots of money is what they want. In 2017 quite a few creators have popped-up, and with the advent of  the Jio service, this is true especially in India. But with this access came bad channels, as the creators were uploading content, with no quality […]

talkingTech Mini: Samsung Pay (English and हिन्दी )

Samsung Pay, what is it and how does it work. talkingTech Mini: Samsung Pay ( Hindi – हिन्दी ) सैमसंग पे, यह कैसे काम करता है, चलो देखते हैं।     Around two weeks back (March 2016) i noticed a new icon in my app tray. It was for the Samsung Pay app. And a […]

talkingMoney E02: Income Tax Basics

Show date: 12 December 2016 Hosts: Vikram Mohan, Nimish Nerlekar Topic: We look at the financial news over the last 2 weeks and try to understand the basics of how Income Tax works

talkingMoney E01: talkingInvestments

Show date: 20 November 2016 Hosts: Vikram Mohan, Nimish Nerlekar About: We discuss demonetisation and familiarise you with the basic investment options.

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