talkingTech e38: Candle and cake

Broken News Jio announces a ‘free’ feature phone on its 4G network Google updates its drive app for full desktop backup Uber allows UPI Once Upon a Time July 15 – 2006 – Twitter Launches July 16, 1995 – Amazon goes online July 20 1969 – Small step for man July 21, 1999 – Apple […]

talkingTech News Dash

Google has released a new Backup and Sync app for Windows – This will let you automatically backup and sync your folders to your Google Drive. Remember that they offer unlimited storage for photos in standard resolution.  If you have unused storage space, might be a good idea to backup your documents online. In the […]

Quick look: Resonate RouterUPS

  The one calamity, that brings the family together these days, is when the WiFi suddenly shuts down. The kids are off their tablets, the parents off their laptops and phones, and Netflix on the TV stops working. How do you avoid this tragedy? The WiFi failing that is, not the family coming together. Here […]

talkingStuff E32 – Crickets Chirping

Broken News Microsoft announces Windows 10s to counter ChromeOS Microsoft also launches Surface Laptop pre-loaded with Win 10s OnePlus next phone is OnePlus 5 – with dual camera, snapdragon 835 coming this summer Feature: Q & A Selecting a backup power for your Wi-Fi router [amazon_link asins=’B017NC2IPM,B017NC2E6U,B017NC27H6′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’talkingstuff-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’7c14f4c2-33fd-11e7-a3ac-8bcd285f0bf6′] 2. Lost your phone? […]

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