The most popular os nobody knows

The most popular OS nobody knows

The Most Popular OS Nobody Knows If you asked a non-techie which PC operating systems they were familiar with, most will mention either Windows or Mac OS. Similarly on the mobile side of things, people know Android or iOS. In this post, I want to discuss the so called underdog in this race. I am, […]

The talking Tech podcast e53: Break ke baad

We apologize for the poor audio quality in this episode. The content though is fun as always. 🙂 Broken News OnePlus Credit card hack OnePlus 6 in May/June. iPhone X sales not up to expectations Samsung GAlaxy S9 – announcement in Feb 25th Snapdragon 845 Dual aperture camera Meanwhile LG says it will be slowing […]

The talkingTech podcast e49: Thank you Bill Watterson

Broken News OnePlus 3/3t gets Android Oreo – Parallel Apps Amazon Music app gets chromecast support Xiaomi announces its third plant in India – 95% devices now assembled in India Kindle Lite App launched – India only for now Feature: Once Upon a Tech The first Calvin and Hobbes strip, Windows 1.0, Kindle and more […]

The talkingTech podcast e41: Twist, lick, boot

Broken News Samsung launches Galaxy Note 8 Bixby now available in India Google announces Android Oreo   Feature: Understanding Twitter Once upon a Tech August 16, 1995 – First version of IE released August 24, 2011 – Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO August 24, 1995 – Windows 95 released August 31, 2004 – Aldus […]

talkingTech e38: Candle and cake

Broken News Jio announces a ‘free’ feature phone on its 4G network Google updates its drive app for full desktop backup Uber allows UPI Once Upon a Time July 15 – 2006 – Twitter Launches July 16, 1995 – Amazon goes online July 20 1969 – Small step for man July 21, 1999 – Apple […]

talkingTech e29 – Phone he hindustani

Broken News Samsung launches Galaxy s8 – totally new design wins everyone over LG’s Nexus 5x phones are failing due to hardware defect OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3t to receive cool new features in upcoming update Feature: Indianize your phone Tech History March 30, 1951 – First computer – UNIVAC was received by the US […]

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