Why not to purchase the iPhone X!!


The new iPhone is out, the iPhone 10, and with its release has tons of new improvements also coming along. So should you purchase an iPhone 10, lets find out why not to.


So why am I advocating not to purchase an iPhone?


The iPhone is not a bad product at all, but one very important reason to not go for it is the nagging issues that could crop up, as it’s a first-generation product. How’s that?


If you remember the iPhone 4’s antenna gate issue, where apple blatantly said, you’re holding the phone wrong. There’s also the case where the iPhone 6 had the bend gate issue where the phone would bend pretty easily and was fixed in the iPhone 6S. So first gen products always seem to have some issue or the other during initial release. The price of this phone is also outrageously high, so unless someone’s gifting it you, consider to the following points to make your decision.


It’s first generation if you take the case that it has an edge to edge OLED screen.

OLED Display

The display being slimmer, the content will not fill the screen properly, just like in the s8, but because the S8 doesn’t have the ugly notch on one side, nothing comes in the way. The cutout notch is a bad design  cue that Apple has brought forward. Some devs have wordarounds to go around the notch, to show lists and other ui elements, video is going to be notched in.

Apple doesn’t have experience with OLED’s and rumours are the screen with its brightness 625 nits, wouldn’t be that visible in brightly lit rooms.



$150 for just a storage bump from 64 GB to 256 GB, and no upgradability. There’s all these new camera features, 4k video at 60fps, slow mo 240 fps at 1080p. All this fills up storage really fast, and even though you have cloud solutions like iCloud, google drive, the base model being 64GB is just sad. Even some form of upgradability would have helped.

Oh yeah faceid

Face iD is in it’s first iteration, and there are guarantees that it would fail from time to time. It even failed during the demo, it’s going to be another you didn’t hold it right case. The Samsung galaxy s8 also has similar issues, in accordance to the lighting, glare on your glasses, but to help samsung’s cause, they still have the fingerprint sensor, even though its not placed in a very accessible location, it still is present. This is unlike apple where it has only Face id , and only the pin code screen if it fails.

Turn off the phone (Rumored)

Th power button is not a power button anymore, but is used to activate SIRI. So how do you power down the phone. You need to hold down the power button and the volume down button, they recommend a squeeze gesture, to bring up the power off menu.



The iPhone 10 supports fast charging, but it wont fast charge with the cable provided in the box. But I just paid a $1000 for the phone, couldn’t they at least provide the fast charger. They’re not and the fast charger costs around $49, and that’s not all, the cable to convert the usb-c port on the fast charger to thunderbolt cable costs another $29. So effectively you’ll pay $80.


iOS 11 has come out, and has changed the experience on current iPhones, so do you need to get yourself an iPhone that doesn’t work as well as the one you currently have. Noted the stuff like edge to edge screen, wireless charging etc are neat. But are you ready to spend all that money for something that will have issues.

Apple themselves said that this device will be leading the next 10 years of design, so this is the first iteration.


I feel you should wait for a few reviews  before purchasing one.

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