talkingTech E27 – Facebooking Right

Hosts: Vinayak Nair, Vikram Mohan

Show date: 20 March 2017

  • Broken News
  • Android dominates India smartphone market with 97% marketshare
  • Google splits Hangouts in two – Chat and Meet – But chaos still reigns supreme
  • You can now book your Uber from Google maps – and maybe get Rs.50 off
  • Nintendo switch launches – but faces lots of hardware and software issues

Feature: Social Network Series – Facebook

  1. Go to settings>Privacy and review your privacy settings NOW
  2. DO NOT add people you don’t know in the real world
  3. Avoid opening Facebook accounts for minors – if you must restrict friends to immediate family
  4. Facebook tracks your browsing even when you are not on the site – remember that and use incognito where necessary
  5. If you are suspicious of a video link or a quiz or anything, open it in incognito mode

Tech History

March 15, 1985 – The first Internet domain is registered by Symbolics, a Massachusetts computer company.

March 14  1994 – Linus Torvalds posted to comp.os.linux.announce that Linux kernel release 1.0. had arrived

March 12, 1989 –Tim Berners-Lee submits a proposal to CERN for developing a new way of linking and sharing information over the Internet

March 5, 1995 – The Yahoo! search engine officially launches on the Internet.

App Picks

Samsung Pay
Price: Free

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