talkingTech E25: Lots and lots of news

Hosts: Vinayak Nair, Vikram Mohan

Show date: 26 Feb 2017

Broken News

  • Jio speed slumps – Not even in top 3 for speed anymore
  • Amazon launched chime – jumps in the ring to fight Skype and WebEx
  • Microsoft launches Skype lite for India. Satya Nadella says Aadhaar integration in the cards (!!!)
  • Allo web coming soon. Again, too little too late?
  • WhatsApp status feature – Facebook beginning to show its influence?
  • Galaxy s8 details leaked
  • Blackberry launches a mid range candybar with keyboard. Expects people to pay premium pricing.

Tips and App picks

Vinayak’s tips and app

  1. Solve math equations simply by pointing the camera at the problem
Price: Free+
Price: Free+

2. Save on your data plan (and battery life) by turning off background data. This works only on mobile data and saves you precious data to use when you need it.

3. Place your phone into an empty ceramic bowl to increase volume and sound quality.

Vikram’s tip and app pick

Find out about paintings, brands, building, and even solve Sudokus (sometimes) with Google Goggles.

Google Goggles
Price: Free
  • When you are in a rush and need a faster recharge, switch on aeroplane mode and then charge your phone. This will boost charging speed significantly.

Tech History Lookback


  • February 19, 2014: Facebook Acquired WhatsApp – 19 Billion
  • February 17, 2000 – Windows 2000 introduced. Was the first ‘solid’ and stable version of Windows.
  • February 16, 1984 – IBM PC was born – world was never the same again.

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