talkingTech E21: Squeeze the juice

Show date: 15 Jan 2017

Hosts: Vinayak Nair, Vikram Mohan

Broken News

  • Google rolls out ToonTastic – a supercool app for kids
  • Jio is testing out 100Mbps Fiber broadband in some apartments in Mumbai 
  • Yahoo becomes… Altaba??? Does it matter?

Feature: Top 5 tips to save battery

#5 –  Set you screen brightness to ‘auto’ or as low as you can without it being unreadable

#4 – Avoid battery saving apps – these are often crapware and do more harm than good

#3 Set your location to ‘Battery Saving’

#2 – Turn off sync for apps that don’t need it – like Gmail, office email, etc.

#1 Uninstall Facebook and Twitter apps and use them on the Chrome browser.

App Picks

Vinayak’s pick

Vikram’s pick

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