talkingTech E20: Android Unleashed

Show date: January 8 2017

Hosts: Vikram Mohan and Vinayak Nair

Broken News

CES wrap up – Cardboard thin TVs, laptops with 3 displays, Nvidia’s Shield Update, and Intel’s credit card sized computer.

Top 5 Android Features

#5  Safe mode on your Android device

#4 Widgets – quick ‘always on’ mini apps on your home screen

#3 Find your phone – just type ‘find my phone’ in your google search bar

#2 Smart lock – Avoid having to type in your PIN or password when at home.

#1 Pin apps to the screen to avoid people snooping around your phone.

This week in history

January 3, 1977: Apple Computer Corporation is Incorporated

January 6, 2001: XBox Unveiled

January 6, 2004   iPod Mini Introduced


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