talkingTech E14: Mere paas Pixel he

Show date: 6 Nov 2016

Hosts: Vikram and Vijay

Broken News

  • LastPass free tier now allows multiple devices
  • Google starts shipping Google Home
  • A hands-on with the Google Pixel

Feature: 2-factor Authentication

  • 2 factor authentication improves the security of your online accounts
  • All major services like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter support some form of 2-factor
  • You can use mobile apps that generate a code every minute or even get OTPs when logging in from new devices or browsers
  • Microsoft, Google, and several 3rd parties make authentication apps
  • You can use any app with any other service – e.g. use the Google Authenticator for your Microsoft account.
Google Authenticator
Price: Free
Google Authenticator
Price: Free
Price: Free

App Picks

Vijay’s pick: Sync for Reddit

Sync for reddit
Price: Free+

Vik’s Pick: Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft Selfie
Price: Free
Microsoft Selfie
Price: Free

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