talkingTech E12: Bigg Boss in your house

Show date: 16 Oct 2016

Hosts: Vinayak Nair & Vikram Mohan

Broken News:

  • Fewer crackers available for Diwali as Samsung stops Note 7 production.
  • Samsung offers loads of freebies to disappointed Note 7 pre-orders in India
  • Google goes for massive marketing to promote its outrageously priced Pixel phones

Feature: Home security with IP cameras

  • IP Cameras are easy to set up
  • You can view the live surveillance feed on your phone or browser from anywhere
  • It’s also fairly simple to re-purpose an old phone or tablet as an IP camera with an app

IP Cameras

Use a phone or tablet to an IP camera using this app

IP Webcam
Price: Free

App Picks

Vinayak’s pick: TypeApp email app

Vikram’s pick: DuoLingo

Price: Free+

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