TalkingTech E09 – Tip Top

Show date: 18 Sep 2016

Hosts: Vikram Mohan and Vinayak Nair

Broken News

  • iPhone 7 releases – And gets sold out. Nobody is surprised.
  • Jio finds out its hard to run fast with millions of users clinging on.
  • Sony releases PlayStation 4 slim on the same day as iPhone event. Were they trying to hide this?
  • Microsoft might stop making Lumias. Nobody cares.

Q&A / Tips

  1. Can I use my DSLR as a webcam? (Spoiler: YES, but only if you have a Canon or Nikon)
  2. Can I share my location with my family?  (A TalkingTech mini on this very soon)
  3. Keeping track of the family’s schedule. (Google calendar to the rescue)
  4. What are widgets and how can they help? (They are mini-apps for quick info or interactions)
  5. What is the shiny mic that Vinayak uses? Is it any good? (Samson Meteor, and I use it too – Vik)

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