talkingTech E06 – Take Control

Show date: August 21 2016

Hosts: Vinayak Nair, Vikram Mohan

Original talking Tech theme by Srikanth Devarajan of Studio1234

Broken News

  • Google releases Duo – their 1-1 mobile video chatting app
  • MIT division develops ways to double battery capacity – hopefully you can keep your charger at home soon.
  • Windows 10 Anniversary update breaks people’s webcam – including yours truly
  • Android 7.0 Nougat may release on 22nd August 2016

Shoot Out

Kids Shell – Kids mode

  • Kids Shell is a launcher for kids
  • Parents can select which apps should be available to the child
  • Kids cannot access anything outside of what you have selected including settings
  • Parents can set time for how much time per day (E.g. 1 hour a day)
  • Can also set what time of day access is allowed (E.g. Only between 4pm and 8pm)
  • Free but Rs.330 upgrade for setting time limits
  • Downside : Uses multiplication instead of passwords

Toddler Lock

  • Like Kids Shell but for smaller kids
  • Doesn’t allow access to any apps or settings
  • Only responds to touch with colourful images and music
  • Downside: Smart toddlers (like yours) can figure out how to exit it by touching 4 corners
Toddler Lock
Price: Free

Tips & Picks

Vikram’s Pick: Unified Remote

  • Remote control app for controlling your PC
  • Has app specific remotes for VLC player, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Chrome, etc
  • Also provides a virtual mouse and keyboard
  • Download the Android App and Windows App and presto – control your PC
  • Full version has voice control, Android wear support and over 90 app specific remotes
  • Full version on sale currently for Rs.55 only
Unified Remote
Price: Free
Unified Remote Full
Price: $3.99

Vinayak’s Pick: Pocket

  • Saves articles, links, youtube videos anything to ‘read later’
  • Syncs your saved items across browsers and mobile devices
  • Free Android, iOS, and Chrome apps

Chrome Webstore

Extensions for other browsers available at


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