TCL 139.7 cm (55 inches) P2 L55P2US 4K UHD LED Smart TV

I was pleasantly surprised, when the TCL 55 inch smart TV I ordered off Amazon arrived first thing in the morning. Kudos to amazon.

I didn’t want to wait for a TCL executive to install the TV, so unboxed it and set it up myself.

The model I ordered is the L55P2US, which is a 55 inch 4K UHDTV.

TCL stands for The Creative Life, was founded in 1981, formerly known as TTK Home Appliances. Now the company employs over 75,000 and is spread over 80 countries, with presence in more than 160 countries and regions.


It weighs around 13.8 or 20.8KG, not sure which is correct, on the site its 13.8 kg.


So this is the TV, it’s a Smart TV, and runs android apps, it supports 4K UHD at 3840×2160 resolution.

It has a YouTube app preinstalled and allows to download new apps off the App store. The TV also supports Google Play Store, to allow installing more apps.


The TV allows for Screen mirroring via, miracast, wifi direct etc.

This is the branding on the front of the TV, under which is the standby LED and the Remote sensor.

Installing the stands were simple, use the screws provided, and attach them to the TV. Make sure to use some sort of cushioning so as to not damage the TV.

This is how it looks in the end.

The TV is thin along the edges and looks really premium in its champagne gold color. The bottom of the TV starts to flare out, as this is where most of the components are, and also the inputs.

The power rating for the TV is between 110-240 v, so it supports a wide voltage range, and also works in low voltage as long as it doesn’t go below 110 V. The power connector is a shape 8 connector, and the cable is supplied in the box.

On the back are the inputs to the TV,


We have a HDMI port, which is actually HDMI 3, a VGA in allowing to connect older laptops that don’t have a HDMI output. A LAN port, to support a wired connection, if you don’t want to use wifi.

A component video input with rca audio input is also present.

An optical out port is also present to allow connecting an external home theatre system.


On the right we have a USB 3.0 port to connect pen drives, hard disks, two HDMI ports, an antenna in to support older aerial or cable networks. The yellow color port is a 3.5 mm output jack.

The long rubber cover is to the common interface port, which allows to install an interface module provided by the TV service operator to watch encrypted Digital TV channels.

The TV being a smart TV takes some time to set up initially, and you would basically enter your language choice, country, provide the wifi password and set the time, and its done. The manual has step by step instructions for the same.

The Smart interface is fast and responsive, and provides most of the apps you would need on the homepage. An app store is also available to install new apps you would require. It doesn’t support all android apps, but has a pretty decent set available.


A white LED light’s up when the TV is in standby mode, people have complained that it’s too bright. But as far as I see it, its not that bad.

The TV display, it is not a great as the ones you would get from Samsung, Sony or LG,  but it still does look great. And 4k UHD support at this price is a very good deal.


I got rid of my older tv in exchange and got around Rs 8,500 for it, and all other store were only ready to reduce Rs 1000 from the price. So overall got this TV at a very good price, so am happy with it.

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