talkingTech Mini: Samsung Pay (English and हिन्दी )

Samsung Pay, what is it and how does it work.

talkingTech Mini: Samsung Pay ( Hindi – हिन्दी )

सैमसंग पे, यह कैसे काम करता है, चलो देखते हैं।



Around two weeks back (March 2016) i noticed a new icon in my app tray. It was for the Samsung Pay app. And a week back Samsung initiated an early access program for the service. Users who had registered for the service could now use Samsung Pay.


Ever since the demonatization drive that took place on November 8th 2016 , digital payment services had seen a huge spike in usage. Many new players have entered the digital payment services space. The newest entrant in India is Samsung Pay and it has taken the lead away from Apple’s Apple Pay and Google’s Android Pay.


So what is Samsung Pay?


Samsung Pay is a mobile payment service that is both secure and easy to use. It is available on select Samsung Galaxy smartphones, such as the note 5, galaxy s7, s7 edge, s6 edge plus which are their flagships and also the Galaxy A7 and A5 (2016-17 editions)


How does it work?


In the supported smartphones the app can be downloaded and registered for. The app allows to scan their credit/debit cards and the related information is saved in app. After it’s been scanned it now available to make payments withiout having to pull out your physical card.


Samsung Pay supports the following technologies:


  1. Magnetic Secure Transmission or MST
  2. Near Field communication of NFC


The beauty of Samsung pay is that it can replicate magnetic stips and works with existing card readers.


The card data is available offline and does not require internet services and can be used like your standard credit/debit card.


Samsung pay eliminates the need to enter the users confidential information such as cvv code, and is authenticated using the fingerprint .


So we just swipe up on the small nub visible on the bottom, select a card , authenticate using our fingerprint and tap to pay.


The payments can be made by tappong the smartphone on NFC enabled pos machines and also on card readers that dont have NFC using MST so it’s convineant to use anywhere a card swipe machine is available.


I tried a payment out at a restaraunt and it worked flawlessly. I activated the card via my fingerprint and tapped the side of the card reader and it popped up the enter amount message on the display. entering my standard pin on the machine authorised the payment.


Samsung pay also does not provide your real card number to the device and privides an alternate last four digits if required to be entered on ther system. This protects your card from unlawful scanners as the number is not your actual card’s.


Banks Supported:


Currently Axis Bank, HDFC, ICICI and standard Chartered are supported. State bank of india credit cards are only supported . Amex and citibank will to be added soon.


Samsung Pay also supports PayTm wallets and works normally, but payments can be made only where its is supported.

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