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The one calamity, that brings the family together these days, is when the WiFi suddenly shuts down. The kids are off their tablets, the parents off their laptops and phones, and Netflix on the TV stops working.

How do you avoid this tragedy? The WiFi failing that is, not the family coming together. Here is a simple built-for-purpose solution  – A UPS for your router.

We are looking at the RouterUPS from Resonate. This device costs about Rs.1600 on amazon and keeps your WiFi running even when there is a power failure.

There are three types of RouterUPS available – and you need to pick the right one based on your WiFi router. There is 9v, 12v and a 5v version available.


A quick look at the power supply for your router will tell you if it uses a 9 volt or 12 volt power supply. I don’t know of any router that uses a 5 volt power supply. Make sure you order the right one for your router.

The routerUPS comes in a small bright Orange box and has the battery, and an assortment of power supply pins.

Setting it up is a breeze. You connect the RouterUPS to the power supply, then you connect your WiFi  router to the RouterUPS.

Pick the wire with the right power supply pin which fits into and lights up your router.

Slide the switch on the side to power it on, and Bingo!

Now a power outage will not end that Skype call or  come between you and watching Frank Underwood decimate his rivals.

The box claims up to 4 hours of backup, and I have seen it withstand a 3 hour power outage this monsoon.



What I liked

  • Easy to set up
  • It requires no intervention  once you set it up
  • No annoying UPS beeps
  • Solves the biggest first world problem

What I didn’t

  • Slightly expensive
  • Only 6 month warranty
  • Wish there was 1 sku for all power inputs

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