Nitecore Intellicharger i8: Quick Review

Nightcore i8 intellicharger:

I have a lot of rechargeable batteries and keeping them topped up is not easy. I wanted a charger that

Got myself a new battery charger, the Nightcore i8 intellicharger. This is one of the latest models from Nightcore.

There are quite a few 8 bay chargers available, but this one looks completely different.
This charger can charge 8 batteries simultaneously, be it li-ion, ni-mh or Ni-cd
The charger monitors each of the slots individually, so like most chargers you don’t need to charge your batteries in pairs.
The charger uses the varying lengths of the contact points to identity the kind of battery inserted, and set the appropriate charge.
It detects the power level in each battery, and the appropriate voltage and charging mode is selected automatically
When charging begins, a red LED lights up on top, each section has its own LED. When complete, the LED turns green.
The charger can also warn of incorrect polarity, or short circuit by flashing the red LED in the relevant channel.

The charger intelligently stops when charging is complete, and also monitors if any battery has been charging for too long and stop charging, to prevent overtime charging.
Active current distribution technology:
ACD technology allows the charger to actively distribute power among the 8 slots. When a battery is almost fully charged, the charger diverts a portion of its current to charge other batteries.
USB output: The charger supports usb output, and has two ports that can supply 2.1 a of max current

Activation function: The charger has the ability to activate over discharge protected batteries.
We can mix and match batteries, and the charger detects and charges them as per the battery requirements.
It is recommended to place batteries on one side of the charger, if only four are to be charged at a time. This increases the charging speed.
The vents help dissipate heat, and the charger didn’t get too hot when charging the batteries.

The charger is a pretty good all in one solution, and if you have a lot of rechargeable batteries, aa,aaa all the way up to D, this charger will help keep them powered.


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    (August 9, 2018 - 9:51 am)

    The Nitecore chargers are always very reliable. Highly recommended!

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