Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Smart Light

So today we’re unboxing the Nanoleaf Aurora light panels. These light panels are growing in popularity, and a lot of youtubers seem to have them in the background. So what’s their main purpose?

So in the box, we get nine individual triangular panels. I bought them off Amazon India, and i’ve been waiting to buy these for quite some time. It does come with a hefty price tag of Rs 19,000 for the panels and controller ,and the rhythm edition costs around 22k.

So here are the panels,
The interconnecting nano chips, that connect the panels to each other
The power controller,
And as i have the Rhythm edition, the Nanoleaf Rhythm module is also included.

And a whole lot of 3M commander sticky tape.

The panels are lightweight, as these are to be mounted on the wall.
Each panel has cutouts, where the nanochips are to be inserted, connecting the panels to each other.

You have the freedom to choose the design you want, or just use your creativity. I took the easy route and chose a design from a set provided in the booklet. There are extension panel kits available, to be able to make even more complex designs.

The power controller just needs to be connected to one side, the rest of the panels draw power via the nano chips. There are two buttons on the controler, one is the power button and the other is the color changing button.

First i’m going to test all the panels to make sure they’re all working.

Ok, now that we know they’re all workin, lets mount it on the wall. We can use the protective sheets that is included in the packaging to check if a particular design will fit, as they are the same size as the panels.

Once we’re set that the design will fit, lets start mounting the panels on the wall. I chose to set a panel which would be the center of the design. Using the bubble level app on the phone, i set the panel to be straight. As all other panels would be connecting to this one, i assume the others would connect up in level.

I keep adding panels onto the wall, adding the nano chips to interconnect.

Setting up the app is pretty straight forward, just follow the instructions and it should be done. Like most smartlights i have reviewed earlier, the Nanolight creates a wifi access point, the phone connects to it, and provides it your wifi credentials, the phone then jumps back to your regular wifi and the light connects to the same. Once connected, it can be controlled by the app.
The colors can be changed via the app even more easily, and we can see the color options available.

We can also create our own color scenes.

There a lot of options available, let’s go through them.

We can also change the colors of individual panels, using the app.

The Lights also have Alexa support , so add the skill, and then they can be controlled via voice.

They are expensive, but it does give my room a more aesthetic and cool look, other than that there’s nothing much else that these light do.

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