Boost Your PC: Install an SSD


PC’s as they get older, get more sluggish and with newer operating systems and applications might get to a point where it needs some rejuvenation. So lets Boost our PC by installing an SSD.

I purchased this system in 2007, and being 10 years old is starting to show it’s age. When I purchased this system, it was close to being top of the line, but now just can’t keep up with current budget offerings.

So trying to resurrect this system from the dead, I decided on giving it a speed boost. I had purchased a 120 GB SSD for my laptop, but when the order was shown as cancelled on the e-commerce portal, I ordered a 250 GB SSD. But to my surprise I received both the drives.

So now I had an extra 120 GB HDD,  and as I didn’t want to return it, I thought of my old desktop PC lying in the corner. It booted slow, and was very unusable, applications loaded slowly, it was awful, painful even.

I migrated the OS off the old HDD to the SSD , and voila , the system was acting peppy again. The boot times from 30-60 seconds came down drastically to under 10 seconds, and windows 10 started to respond much faster.

All this by just replacing the internal drive with an ssd, the difference is like night and day.

The system now works as my Home theatre PC, connected to my projector and 7.1 surround sound system, playing youtube and amazon prime videos, and simple gaming, but not the hardcore graphic intensive ones.

Tool I used to clone the HDD:

Macrium Reflect

You could also use,

Mini Tool partition wizard


If you have more than one drive bay on your laptop, or if you don’t need much space, you can always install an SSD.


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