Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Unboxing and Setup!

Being Unboxed today is the Galaxy S9+ , the new larger variant of Samsung’s latest flagship. It has design cues from the s8+ before it, with major tweaks to its internals, and design changes on the  outside too.

On the box the MRP is printed a 70,000 but i bought it for 64,900.

Getting the plastic off , the outer cover slides off, and the internal box has a warning stating its for Indian sims only. This is actually an unlocked phone, so it has to be first used with an indian sim for a few minutes, once done, then it can be used anywhere.

Inside we have a paper case, with all the documentation and below that is the phone. Lets get that out. I have the Coral Blue 64GB variant. On the back you can see the dual camera setup and also the new location of the fingerprint sensor.

Lets look at what’s in the paper case, we have the sim ejector tool, manuals, and also a clear plastic case. It also comes with a USB-A to USB-C converter, which is important to use with Samsung’s S-Switch app, which i’ll show soon.

The charger is similar to the one from the S8+ with Adaptive fast charging.

The charger is similar to the one from the S8+ with Adaptive fast charging. A USB-A to USB-C cable is provided to connect with the charger. The AKG tuned earphones, these sound really good, and are included, as the S9 and S9+ have a headphone jack.  Additional ear tips, to customize for a better fit.

Let’s get back to the device, peeling of the protective plastic, we can see the coral blue color in all it’s glory. Other colors available are midnight black and lilac purple. The case is a snug fit, and its great that samsung is including a case in the box, the note 8 gets a hard case, and the S8+ didn’t get one in the box, but a code was provided via the My galaxy app, and a Tumi branded case was provided for free.

From the front the S9+ and the S8+ look almost similar, but when you turn them over, the differences become much more evident. Both have glass front and backs, which is Gorilla glass 5.

The S8+ has a single camera and the fingerprint sensor is right next to it. On the s9+ there are two cameras, a fingerprint sensor below,and the flash is placed beside the cameras.

I have a Dbrand skin on my S8+, if you want to know more about Dbrand, link to the video is in the top right.

Lets boot up the S9+ and set it up. Connect to WiFi, add a google account.

I’m using Samsung’s  S-Switch app to transfer my data from my S8+ to my S9+.

Use the converter we saw earlier and connect the two phones. Select Source and the data transfer begins, this copies all the contacts,messages, calendar, alarms, Samsung notes, call logs  wallpaper, app layout on the home screen, photos etc. Tap allow on the old device and the copying starts. As i had a lot of data, it took some time, but at the end, everything is transferred over. S-Switch works with other phones too, so if you are migrating from another brand, it would work, but some settings may not port over.

Now lets transfer the sim card over, the S9+ has the same hybrid sim tray as the S8+, which supports either 2 nano sims, or a nano sim and a micro sdcard. The s9+ supports cards upto 400Gb. I have a 128 GB card from earlier, so installed this into the tray.

The tray is made of plastic, so worried about its durability, but as we dont keep changing sim cards, and having the option of dual sims, we might never open the tray again.

Ok, the tray is in, the sim card is detected, and lets format the micro sd card. The card shows available space of 119 GB.

So the phone’s all setup, i have all my data and its ready to use.

Spec’s wise:

This phone has a 6.2 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen

With a resolution of 1440×2960

It’s running on Oreo Android 8.0 out of the box

The back houses dual 12 mp cameras,one with the variable aperture lens that can change between 1.5 and 2.4 and the other has a fixed aperture of f 2.4.

Also included are the Iris scanner, which is faster than the previous generation Galaxy S8+.

It  has IP68 water and dust resistance rating,

64Gb of storage and 6Gb of RAM.

A new addition on Samsung S series phones is the AKG tuned stereo speakers.

The earphones included are also tuned by AKG.

The Coral Blue variant i have, looks beautiful, the way it looks when it catches the light. The power button is on the right, and on the left is the volume rocker and the Bixby button just below.

On the bottom are the headphone jack, usb-c port, and a speaker. The phone now supports stereo sound and also dolby atmos. The dual cameras are vertically arranged and has the fingerprint sensor below. The flash and heart rate monitor is located to the right.

The phone now supports stereo sound and also Dolby Atmos.

The S9 + can also measure blood pressure, but the app My BP Lab is not available in India as of now, this being a study by UCSF in collaboration with Samsung. Will update once the app is available in India.


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