Galaxy Note 8 : Quick Look

The Galaxy Note 8 has arrived, is it worth it’s hefty price tag, lets take a look…


I used to think that the pocket pc is as big as phones are going to get, but the galaxy note broke the size barrier. The phones have only gotten bigger ever since.

Now that the Galaxy Note 8 has released, lets see what it has to offer.

The note 8 was unveiled on August 23rd and i must say looks very familair to my galaxy S8+. It also takes design cues from the Note 7 from last year, which was also a very good phone, except for the exploding batteries.

But putting all that behind us , the notable changes on the Note 8 this year are a new display, which is similar to the one on the Galaxy s8+, but is 0.1 mm more wider. The phone is more rectangular as compared to the curvacious galaxy s8 and s8+, this is to allow for more screen, to write on.

The Spen is also upgraded to allow for even more pressure sensitivity, which is great for all the artists out there. The tip of the spen is also thinner.

Specification wise :

Snapdragon 835
6 GB of RAM
64GB storage, with the ability to expand via a Sd card slot

3300mah battery, which is surprisingly smaller than the galaxy s8 plu’s 3500 mah battery

Android 7.0.1 out of the box
Fast charging, wireless charging, everything byt the kitchen sink

The screen is a quad HD suoper AMOLED 18.5:9 screen ratio display.

Continuing on the infinity display theme, with thin bezels , the phone doesnt feel to big to hold, even though it has a masive screen

A dedicated bixby button is available on the side. it is getting better, but still not something i would use daily.

The finger print sensor is placed on the top right of the phone, next to the dual camera sensors. Being a big phone, it’s not easy to reach, but we have other methods like the iris scanner and face recognition to unlock your phone.

The app edge allows to launch two apps simultaneously, in split screen. This is taking advantage of the huge screen real estate.

The main new headline feature on the note 8 is the dual cameras on the back. There are two 12 megapixel camera’s on the back, one with a normal wide angle lens , and the other a telephoto lens with 2X optical zoom.

Both sensors have OIS, so has hardware stabilization, which is way better than software stabilization.

Live focus is Samsungs take on the portrait mode, where it takes infotmation from both the sensors and allows to blur out the background. The effect can be visualized live and the amount of blur can be changed on the fly. There’s also an option to change the amount of blur after the shot is taken, which is very cool. The camera also saves a wide angle shot, so that you dont miss the moment.


The phone is going to be expensieve, and is around $1000 dollars. Pre order is open in india too, with the price around 75,000 rs.

If you are on the look out for a Galaxy Note device, this is one of the best you can get. But if you don’t need the s-pen, as i rarely used mine on the original note, you can save yourself almost Rs 10,000 by picking up a Galaxy S8+, and Rs 18,000 if you pick up a regular Galaxy S8.


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