Vote: What’s the fate of my laptop to be!

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What we have before you is my old trusty laptop, the Dell Studio XPS 1645.

It has been by my side, for all kinds of tasks, be it editing, animation, development, and it performed like a champ. But like all laptops, it started showing it’s age.

Being almost 7 years old, it now started to overheat, but I still kept using it with an external fan, until one fine day the monitor started glitching.
Now I can’t work on a laptop, without being able to see what’s on screen, so went ahead and upgraded to the ASUS ROG G751 laptop, which is the one I currently use.

Everything was fine again and my work continued, and the dell was discarded to the side.
It kept collecting dust, stored in the loft, and one day, I per chance happened to find it again.

The system was top of the line when I bought it, and the spec’s are still great, as compared to budget laptops available right now.

System Configuration:
Intel Core i7-720QM 1.6 GHz
Ati mobility radeon HD 4670
A 16 inch 16:9 , 100 per cent color gamut 1080p RGB LED screen, meaning it had high color accuracy and was great for designers and content creators.
Oh and It weighs around 2.9 kg’s, it does need to stuff all those premium features in.

The screen was gorgeous, one of the best released even by today’s standards.

Now that the main USP of the laptop is out of commission, I thought of putting up a poll on what I should do with it.

So make sure to answer the poll under the video, and we shall see what the future of my old laptop would be.



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