Delete temp files and get storage space on phone – Ask the Geeks

Running out of storage space? Memory is a precious commodity, especially in budget phones. And we constantly clutter up our storage with WhatsApp based media.
Google Files Go is an app made just to solve this problem. It provides a simple interface to clear and delete temp files and get more storage memory on your phone. Get those GBs back.

Vikram Mohan Author

A paid PPT hack at a large cubicle farm by day, Vikram is that guy in every group who people turn to when they need honest opinions on life and tech. Unfortunately they also get honest opinions on life, tech, and a whole lot more when they are turning the other direction, with their fingers in their ears and screaming 'nanananananana'. Yeah! The world needs more of him - he seems to think so.  He is on Twitter as @TheVikramMohan and blogs very infrequently at

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