DBrand Grip Case – First Impressions

Today we’re unboxing the DBrand Grip case I ordered for the Galaxy S8+. DBrand generally makes skins, and this is something new, and is not available normally as they had a campaign running on Indiegogo, where you could back it. I backed the campaign in November 2017 and had to wait for it to be designed, prototyped and now finally shipped. So basically, I waited a long time for this, so let’s get into the box.

Opening the shipping box, we have a DBrand pamphlet, with the skin pack I chose. I chose, marble, and concrete. A matte black skin is also included as part of the Grip kit.

Under that in bubble wrap is, a premium looking box. The box itself looks great, with the jagged yellow color in the separation between the top and bottom half. They pay such attention to detail, the unboxing itself is an experience you look forward to.


Opening up the box, we notice DBrand grip and a 3.5 mm jack extender. The top of the box lists out the features, the grip case uses carbon composite, and is lined with a material D3O, which is an impact resistant material.

The card included has a link to instructions so that you don’t bleep the installation, but who reads instructions anyway. The 3.5 mm extender is for earphones that have a thick connector at the bottom and doesn’t fit through the case.

Ok, here’s the DBrand grip case itself,

We have tactile buttons for power and the volume up/down key and the unnecessary Bixby button.

There are impact bumpers on the corners and smaller ones running along the side of the case.

Bottom we have cut-outs for the headphone jack, usb c port, microphone and speaker.

The instructions are more for installation of the skin, and as I already have dragon skin on my phone, not changing it as of now.

Let’s insert the phone into the case and check it out. Installing the phone into the case is straight forward, just align the buttons on the phone and case and slide it in. As simple as that.

The case fits snugly over the phone, and it does feel comfortable to hold. The buttons are tactile and are easier to access, than usual.

The case is also very minimal, pretty sleek, and doesn’t seem to add too much to the weight of the phone.

I’ve seen many videos where they test the grippiness of the case by placing it on many surfaces, let’s try that. I’m going to be using the lid of my laptop to test this.

Let’s place the phone on the top lid, and slowly angle it. Don’t try this at home.

Hmm, didn’t work as well as I expected, but still, it did stay on the lid up to quite an angle. Maybe it’s the plastic material (lid) that didn’t give enough grip.

But all said and done, this is a great case, slim, doesn’t add much weight to the phone, and with impact protection, and of course grippiness, this is a great case to have.

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