Bayer Contour Plus one

Want a smart glucose monitoring system? This sleek little, affordable and easy to use device may be what you’re looking for.

Today we’re unboxing the Contour Plus one, a smart glucometer by Bayer, smart being it has an app it syncs to using an android or iOS app. So, this is what’s in the box, we have the glucometer itself, and a small box containing 25 test strips.

The price on the box is Rs 2875, but I purchased it off amazon at Rs 2480. Let’s get the device out and see what else we get in the box.  We have some instruction manuals, a micro lancing device, a case, and micro lancets called microlets.

Oh, I almost missed the main device itself, it’s attached to the inside of the box, via a cardboard sleeve.

The device is quite small, with a LCD display covering most of its face. On the left is where we would insert the test strips. The main display where the readings would be displayed, a up/down and centre button to navigate the menu and settings, and a micro USB charging port on the right. This is convenient as I won’t have to run around looking for replacement batteries.

It’s just so small and light, makes carrying it around easy.

So that’s the device, the micro lancet is the next important item in the set, this is what will be drawing your blood, albeit in a small amount, quite literally equivalent to a pin prick. The microlet’s included are to be used to actually prick the skin, and these are to be inserted into the micro lancet.

The microlet is the actual pin and are to be used by only one person maximum two times so as to avoid infection.

The carrying pouch provided fits everything perfectly, making it easy to carry around for anytime anywhere testing.

When you turn the device on for the first time, it prompts to set the date and time.  A QR code is present in the manual for the contour app, which can also be searched for directly on the google play store.

Install the app, create an account, . Now within the app we need to pair the device. Turn the device on, and it is in pairing mode , the phone finds the device, and is ready for use.

I feel this device is meant only for a single user, as i couldn’t find a way to store multiple users readings.

Let’s now actually test the device.

So open up the micro lancet, break away the circular protector over the microlet, place microlet in lancet. Close. Now when you pull back the handle at the back it makes the lancet ready to pierce.

To test we need to insert a test strip into the left slot, with the gray chip up.  Now we need to draw first blood. So used the lancet on my finger, a small blood droplet formed in the area, just touch the end of the strip to the droplet, and due to capillarity the blood sample gets drawn in. once in after 5 seconds it displays the reading.

If there’s not much blood, it does display on screen not enough sample, and allows for taking another sample without having to waste the test strip. Which is quite nice, as these test strips are not cheap, but the Bayer contour test strips were not that expensive too. Comes to around Rs 22 a strip, which is low as compared to many other brands.

This device has been touted to be the most accurate of most of the glucometers available. As far as I see it, the reading was almost similar to a lab test done a few days back. Personal Glucometers for home use can have a ±15 mg/dL or ±15% of the reference result.

The left of the device, where the test strips are inserted, glows certain colours as per the reading, green means sugar level is within target level, amber is above target level and red is below target level.

The app instantly syncs the data from the device and displays it on screen. We have the reading’s taken, where we can add photos, notes your activity at that time, meal information, and medication if any were taken.

Patterns, this screen displays the patterns, on when the sugar levels increased / decreased and other info.

For this to work we need to have much more readings.

Then we have reminders, to remind taking medication, log information, test blood sugar etc.

My Care screen is where you can set the target ranges, the health care team for emergency calls etc.

And to make sure you guys know, this one’s for my parents and not me, but I did take a reading using the device and my blood sugar levels were normal, so “phew”.

So, the Bayer Contour Plus one is an affordable smart glucometer, with a companion app that has a plethora of features which would help diabetics to manage their readings and analyze them.

With best accuracy in its class of devices and the strips not being that expensive, this becomes a highly recommendable product which performs without having to break the bank.


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