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A 'weeklyish' podcast on the world of end-use technology. Hosts Vikram and Vinayak discuss the interesting news and rumors in 'Broken News', bring you app recommendations, and discuss just about anything...all in good humor and irreverence.

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Vinayak Nair

I need the best tech money can buy
Vinayak has an elephantine memory (no pun intended). President for life of the unofficial Samsung Fan Club – his life’s mission is to use his memory and point out whenever a competitor announces a feature that his beloved Sammy has had for ages. 100% geek to the core, and proud of it.

Vikram Mohan

Tech, like everything else has to be paisa-vasool
Vikram cannot do serious, indepth, well researched journalism if his life depended on it. Lucky for him though that he gets by being paid to churn out PowerPoint presentations. If there was a snark-o-meter, it would probably break mid-sentence when he talks.

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