talkingTech E14: Mere paas Pixel he

Show date: 6 Nov 2016 Hosts: Vikram and Vijay Broken News LastPass free tier now allows multiple devices Google starts shipping Google Home A hands-on with the Google Pixel Feature: 2-factor Authentication 2 factor authentication improves the security of your online accounts All major services like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter support some form of […]

talkingTech E12: Bigg Boss in your house

Show date: 16 Oct 2016 Hosts: Vinayak Nair & Vikram Mohan Broken News: Fewer crackers available for Diwali as Samsung stops Note 7 production. Samsung offers loads of freebies to disappointed Note 7 pre-orders in India Google goes for massive marketing to promote its outrageously priced Pixel phones Feature: Home security with IP cameras IP […]

talkingTech E11: talkingGoogle pretty much

Show date: 9 Oct 2016 Hosts: Vikram Mohan Guest: Rangan Gurukrishnan Video coming soon. Broken News: Google announces Pixel, Pixel XL, Google home, ChromeCast Ultra, and Google Wifi (phew!) In a Google India event, they  announced Allo smart replies in Hindi, YouTube Go, and WiFi for railway stations Amazon Prime video could be coming soon – with an […]

talkingTech E08 – The DeathNote

Show date: September 6 2016 Hosts: Vinayak Nair, Vikram Mohan Broken News: Reliance Jio launches with rock bottom data rates – but is it really that low? Is Google ditching ‘Nexus’ and switching to ‘Pixel’ ? Samsung has a hiccup with Note 7 recall due to faulty batteries Apple set to announce iPhone 7 on September 7 […]

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