Easypro Fitness Tracker

The product comes in a great looking box . You can see the EasyPro branding on the front, and the product is a Fitness Tracker. There is a paper instruction, or actually a warning, that we shouldn’t use a fast charger to charge up the device, as it will damage it.

On the side we can see the product’s features, it has a heart rate monitor which i’ll demo in a bit. A sleep monitor, pedometer to count number of steps etc.

Inside the box, the band comes neatly packed, and the only other item in the box is an instruction manual.

This Easypro Bluetooth fitness band is sold  by producto India, and they are the only genuine supplier for the band. So make sure the seller is  producto  before purchasing. It costs Rs 1499, and the link to the product on Amazon can be found in the description.

all right this product is available on

In order to activate the device, we need to charge it. There is no cable provided, but you can use a standard phone charger or laptop usb port to charge it up. Make sure the phone charger you use is not a fast charger (i.e don’t use a charger that has a rating over 1amp) . This information can be found on the charger.

To access the USB port, we first need to remove the straps. One side has metal connectors, this is the USB charger. Plug in the device to your phone charger, and switch the power on. The device should vibrate indicating that it’s on and a battery charging indicator will be displayed on screen. If perchance it’s not charging, turn the device around and connect again.

The Fitness Tracker has a 0.71 inch OLED display

The battery has a capacity of 70mAh and Standby time is 300 hour’s and the fitness band can last for around 7 days usage.

The device is waterproof and is rated ip67.


The device is made of ABS Plastic and the bands are TPU elastomer.


The touch area is in the lower half of the band, using which you can change the various modes to see information stored, on the back is a heart rate sensor, which is controlled via the app..

Connectivity is via bluetooth  4.0 . In order to synchronize the watch with the phone we need to download a free  app named droilife. Once installed , allow all permissions for better synchronization.  create an account via the app, and you are greeted by the main interface. We still need to connect the device to the app, so tap on mine on the lower right of the app, this opens up the profile screen, tap add device, and tap on the device listed Lollipop-f1. Now we’re good to go.

Let’s look at the options available

  1. Sleep Monitoring: This option monitors the quality of sleep that we had, such as how long we slept, how many hours of deep or Light sleep we had etc.
  2. Heart Rate monitor: Measures our heart rate and displays it on screen, on both the watch and the device. The reading is stored on the phone to compare with later readings.
  3. Pedometer: The pedometer is displayed above and it shows the number of steps we have walked for the day, we can also compare it with earlier goals we have met.

This band is ip67 water and dust proof so yes so it can be dunked into water, without fear of damaging it.

At this price, there are a lot of things this watch does right, and with a battery that lasts for days, this is going to be a great companion for all who are getting into a fitness regime this year.

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