Dyson V8 Absolute+ Review

Do you feel your Vacuum is not powerful enough, and the wire is such a hassle as it tethers you to a wall. It needn’t anymore, let’s check this out.

If you needed an excuse to start cleaning your rooms, maybe get one of these, the Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. This is the absolute model, which includes all of the attachments you could get from Dyson. Looks wise it’s very futuristic, with muscular accents, and flashy colors. The grey, purple and red on the V8, and also the orange in the wand, makes it very… noticeable.









But the colours have meaning, red are parts that you can manipulate like the trigger, attachment points and also the emptying lever. The blue parts  are the filters which can be cleaned.









When you first open the box you will notice that there are a lot of attachments in the box, lets check them out one by one,

Mini soft dusting brush,

mattress upholstery brush

An up top or , angling adapter

Flexi crevice tool

Rigid crevice tool

Soft dusting brush

Soft roller cleaner head (motorized)

Direct drive cleaner head(motorized)

Extension hose

Mini motorized tool

Combination tool

Wall Charging mount

Power adapter

And the Dyson V8 Vacuum cleaner itself.








Here’s the V8 it’s not that light, but its not that heavy either at 2.6 Kg. It’s well balanced and is comfortable to hold in the hand.








It has the mode switch on top, to switch between standard and max power. On the back is the HEPA filter , which is supposed to filter the air before it leaves the exhaust.








There’s also the as sticker with the 1800 call center number for support, below is the battery, and behind is the charging port.







Squeezing the red trigger activates the V8, and it has to be held down to keep the V8 running. Leave the trigger, and it stops.

Below is the battery indicator, shown as three led’s, one is low, three is high. The trigger is easy to access, but holding down the button for long periods of time won’t be easy. It’s ok for quick jobs, but no way we can hold it down for 40 minutes.

Yes i did say a run time of 40 minutes, and is true, if you use only the smaller non motorized attachments. The battery does take 4-5 hours to charge. The charging mount helps keep the V8 charged by just needing to dock it. You don’t need to have full power to use the V8, and for short bursts of cleaning, it would always be ready. The mount can also hold two tools, and a bag is provided for the rest.

The V8 is clever enough to stop charging once it’s done, and doesn’t draw any power once idle.

The motor is called the Dyson Digital motor V8, and is capable of running at 110,000 RPM with 115 airwatts of power.

Using the motorized tools give it a runtime of 25-26 minutes in standard mode. In Max mode the vaccum runs for only 7-8 minutes. But i feel the necessity for max mode will arise very rarely, only for stubborn dirt. If found standard power mode to have ample power for standard cleaning.

To charge we need to use the provided charging adapter, and the leds above the battery start to blink indicating charging is taking place. The vacuum cleaner cannot be used in charging mode. The tools attach on to the vacuum easily with an audible snap, and swapping them is quite easy. Push tool in wait for the snap, use , to remove press down on the button and pull off. Its that easy.

The extension tube enables increasing the reach of the V8, and the tools attach to it’s end for use.

One thing i didn’t like is the sticker on the tube, i almost removed it, but found the modelname is on the sticker , and not etched on to the tube. This is not something you would like on an expensive vacuum.  Did i say how expensive it was, nope, wait to the end to find out.

Tools attach to the end with a satisfying click, as they did with the main vacuum.

The attachments are as unique as the V8 itself, especially the mini motorized tool, the direct drive cleaner head and the soft roller. These tools are motorized, and help with better cleaning. The mini motorized tool helps with cleaning beds, the direct drive cleaner is to be used on carpets and is especially helpful for people with pets. The soft roller is more like an all in one tool, it has a soft rolling brush, which is highly manoeuvrable. It keeps rotating, in parallel to the ground and picks up dirt both large and small.

I had a hard time looking for the names of the attachments, it was nowhere in the manual, and their website also does not list them. I managed to find names in the amazon listing, so those are what i’m going with now.

Each tool has it’s own special function, so if you use the right tool for the right job, it becomes so much easier.

The hepa filter at the back of the V8 can be accessed by opening the blue cap. The filter can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns before releasing the air from the exhaust.

The air is released from the sides of the V8, so that it doesn’t blow on your face.

There’s another filter on the top, easily removable. Both the filters can be washed, but washing using cold water is suggested, and the filters have to dry out completely before installing them back.

One of the main feature of the v8 is the bagless design. All the dirt sucked in is stored in the container in front of the main motor. The dust that enters the chamber keeps spinning around, not blocking the air flow, thus not losing any suction power. This is Dysons cyclonic separation, where the dust can can be dropped into the bin and the clean air leaves the vaccum like in a spin dryer.

The bin can hold upto 0.58l, which might not sound like much, but is quite big.

Emptying the V8 bin is quite easy too. Pull back on the red lever, and pull up. This opens the bin below and all the bin empties out. Be careful if you have allergies to dust, as the fine particles release as a small cloud. It’s also easy to reach in to pull out any dust/dirt stuck inside.

I’ve had a lot of fun using the V8 and it’s also the most expensive vacuum cleaner i’ve used. If you’re pro into cleaning, and like everything immaculate, the V8 is for you, only if the price doesn’t shock you first. It costs a whopping Rs 38,900. Yes i know it’s pricey, but if you want a powerful vacuum which is also cordless, then this is a good choice, else at this price you might get more powerful corded options in india.

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