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Google has released a new Backup and Sync app for Windows – This will let you automatically backup and sync your folders to your Google Drive. Remember that they offer unlimited storage for photos in standard resolution.  If you have unused storage space, might be a good idea to backup your documents online.

In the already crowded space of messaging dominated by Facebook and WhatsApp, and where even Google,Microsoft, and Apple  are fighting for share, we may have a new entrant. Amazon might soon be releasing their own instant messenger called ‘Anytime’. Many of their customers have already received surveys asking them what features they would like in their IM. So make some space for one more messaging app icon on your phone soon.

Speaking of messaging, Google has updated its Allo messaging app with some neat features. It will now try and create stickers ‘inspired’ by you. I tried it out and send my friends the stickers ‘inspired by me’ and asked them if it reminded them of anyone they knew. ZERO people mentioned that it looked like me. So Duo, better luck with the web client. Keep trying. But am sticking with WhatsApp for now.

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